Quick Vip LegooTM Modular systems

Thanks to the Quick Vip LegooTM solutions, the construction of vacuum-insulated piping systems has never been easier. With the modular components, virtually any cryogenic line system can be configured using standard building blocks. Most elements can be supplied directly from stock and bespoke components are available on request. Choose Quick Vip LegooTM for faster installation and easier future maintenance.

Design support

Besides the production SPS provides support with the design of the systems and comes with ideas to achieve cost savings and enhance efficiency.

Sub-Components for Cryogenic Systems

Where applicable SPS Cryogenics incorporates vacuum super-insulated tee's, elbow's, phaseseparators, subcoolers, valves or flexible hoses into your system.


In 2012 SGS was established as a sister company of SPS Cryogenics to complement the production of cryogenic piping systems with trade in loose parts, "specials" and gas panels / systems.

Why SPS?

With Quick Vip LegooTM, the construction and installation of cryogenic line systems becomes much faster and future maintenance will be easier. With over 40 Years of experience, SPS can also build bespoke line systems and provide design and installation support services. Where required, we can provide cryogenic system as a turn-key solutions.